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Review: Witches With Dicks “Manual”


A band name like “Witches With dicks” is sure to conjure up some pretty specific stereotypes before a first listen. Namely, the band will consist of pre-op transsexual wiccans with a fetish for twelve sided die and king richard’s faire. And while that may indeed be true of these guys in their private lives, they bring a decidedly aesthetic flair to their music.

witches with dicks play fast, catchy, hook-laden punk rock, with trade off lead vocals and anthem driven choruses much in the vein of dillinger four. This four piece harken back to the days of all ages Saturday Matinees at the rat, when kids would sweat up a storm franticly pogoing of each other, start up circle pits while all the while screaming themselves hoarse singing along to the choruses. clocking in at just over a minute long the opening number “how to cook forty humans” wastes no time in stating who they’re playing for when over breakneck drumming and ringing guitars they ask “are you one of those kids who fucked up all the time are you one of those who fucked up thinking everyone’s against them?” before proudly aligning themselves with the misanthropic youth of the world proclaiming “we are those kids that fucked up”.

I damn sure wish there were more bands like witches with dicks playing this brand of high energy pop-punk in boston. Although you get goofball song titles like “one whopper for the copper”, “your job does not rock balls” and “skate or die two is going to be awesome when it comes out” making you thinking you’re going to get joke-punk in the vein of boris the sprinkler the actual tunes are as straight forward as can be. witches plows through subject matter about the alienation every kid feels when he feels painfully apart from the world going on around him and the mind crushing drudgery of punching a clock for a job and boss you despise. that they’re able to do this while building their songs around whopping guitar hooks reminiscent of the broadways and and buzz-word choruses you can’t help but shouting along to. when you’re singing along to these songs, fists raised in the air, feet off the ground, and you look around seeing a room full of misanthropes and screw-ups and castoffs doing the same, you can’t help but think you’re not so alone in this world after all. this music is all heart. with his gruff vocal delivery, jeff poot comes across like the kid brother of crimpshine/fifteen’s jeff ott. with this debut full length, witches with dicks have come up with a collection of songs that some fifteen year old kid is going to come across and react to just like these guys probably did the first time they heard crimpshine or the descendents and bands of that ilk.

aside from the opening other highlights include The Catchy as all hell “die painfully” which adds a fun keyboard line reminiscent of screeching weasel’s stuff on “bark like a dog” which kicks in with the rest of the band after the chuggy guitar and vocal opening. as long as these guys don’t pull a bad religion and release a follow up album of synth pop i think they’re gonna be all right.

witches with dicks “manual is available for $10
from kissofdeathrecords.com and also available
for download at emusic.com


September 13, 2007 - Posted by | arts, boston, indie, music, punk

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