Pocket Full Of Chump Change

Settled in. Kind of.

It’s weird to think that just over two years ago I was still living in a dilapidated four bed room house in Allston with nine other people(we even had one guy living a five by eight space under the stairs which used to be a home recording studio). Three nights a week bands would practice in the basement, one of them played sludge metal at such high volumes pictures would reverberate and tumble off the bedroom wall. Another played mediocre psychedelic rock mixed with CCR and the one roommate in the band would get pissy when told that it’s not cool to practice at 11pm on a Tuesday night and that maybe they’d be better off renting a practice space. One of the great side benefits of the house was the ability to redeem enough empty bottles of harpoons and cans of PBR to afford a new PlayStation game every month. My video game library never looked strong as when I lived at 22 Mansfield.Not that it was all bad. As much as the kitchen needed to be condemned, you were just as likely to spend a Wednesday summer night over the grill on the porch while bands played for a couple dozen friend sin the backyard, or else you’d trade snacks and snark over Z grade horror movies on a Sunday night.Now the lovely Miss Clare and I are settled into our first home: a two bedroom condo apartment in a little suburban town 10 miles south of Boston, right next to Quincy. Aside from the fact that my wife Has rearranged our living room into a mini warzone with boxes set aside for donations, a spare futon mattress, luggage and her “I need to sort through this forty gallon storage box that we moved from the basement of my apartment from Somerville, promptly stored in the basement in Waltham and never looked at again, but insisted that there was absolutely positively going to be something in here I may need for work some day so we’re taking in anyways” box things are looking up. Oh that and the fact that one of our cats has taken to peeing on my shorts and sleeping in the bathroom sink. That’s pretty weird.


September 17, 2007 - Posted by | home life, personal, Uncategorized

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