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HOSS Videos on YouTube? SWEET Deal!

Someone posted videos from the HOSS on Youtube

This is pretty sweet. I loved seeing shows in that basement. The kids that ran the house were always a great bunch, it was pretty roomy for a basement in Brighton, and at least for the shows I went to, the kids that attended shows were a pretty awesome bunch. My old band played their a few times, and it was always amongst the most fun basements to play out in. There were basement venues that came after the HOSS, but none of them can hold a candle to the sheer quality of bands or quantity of shows these guys put on for a brief stretch of time. It got to the point where they must have put on more shows that TT’s or the Axis. Even if you had no idea what was going on that night, chances are you could wander into the HOSS at 10pm and catch a few great bands, and even on the rare night where there wasn’t a show, you were more than welcome to drink beer and play Kid Icarus on the sofa. Unfortunately this place got a little too popular towards the end of its existence, and became a magnet for cops before finally getting closed down and condemned by the landlord.

Hopefully this dude will post more shows over time. This is a pretty sweet documentation of an awesome and exciting time in Boston’s independent music history.


September 19, 2007 - Posted by | arts, boston, indie, music, punk

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