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More Ear Candy: Cheap Girls “Find Me A Drink Home”

Cheap Girls
Aside from the Get Bent demo, Cheap Girls is the best new band I’ve heard all year. God damn I love this album.

<p>Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, this three piece brings me back to the “good ole days” of the early 1990’s, when good alternative music ruled the airwaves. The summer between my sophomore and junior year of college I had a two am paper route. I’d pickup the newspapers from the depot in Chelmsford and load them into the hatchback, delivering to about 70 houses before 5am. The only thing that kept me awake and alert was the overnight show on WFNX. Because it was so early in the morning, I’d pull over at a payphone (yep-pre cell phone days), and for a quarter I’d make a bunch of requests: Jawbreaker, Soul Asylum, the Wedding Present, the Pixies, Mother May I, etc. It was as close as I could get to a good tape mix as I’d already broken the deck in the car. It was that oh-so short time that alternative music about being a loser was catchy enough to make us want to dance rather than wallow in misery or punch someone in the nuts. In short, this is fantastic guitar driven power-pop much in the vein of early Soul Asylum, Boyracer and Bender. The more I listen to this the more I’m reminded of Bob Mould’s post Husker-Du powerpop band SUGAR. Like Mould’s fantastic threesome, this trio layers great guitar hooks and crunchy rythyms that due to their sheer upbeatness of the tracks at times almost manage to gloss over some dark lyrics: singer Ian Graham fills his lyrics with references to too much boozing (the opening cut “Kind of on Purpose contains the great turn of phrase “My head hits the ground/my body the floor/I’ve been a little bit better/I’ve been worse before”) great loves long lost but not forgotten (“It’s Been 27 days without you/and I still feel the same”). That said, there’s a wry sense of self depreciating humor that runs through the course of the album that never lets it take itself too seriously or delve into a maudilin state (Gotta love the not so subtle digs and hipsters like “I Know everyone there’s no need to know in this city”).  The standout track is “Parking Lot”; a three minute over the top, amps turned to 11 shout out to saying “fuck it” and giving in to slackerdom  (“Tonight I’m going to spend just laying down/smoking all the pot that I just found”). It’s got a massive sound, reminiscent of the catchier tunes on Archers of Loaf “Vee Vee”. It’s followed by “I Should Never”, a song that’s got great, simple melodies and a perfect danceable drumbeat. There’s hints of Shame About Ray/Great Big No era Lemonheads here, but with a lot more muscle, a lot less feyness behind it. Definitely check these guys out at the following link:

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