Pocket Full Of Chump Change

Pocket Full of Chump Change

Pocket Full of Chump Change is an online webzine and podcast covering the local music, comedy, artist and whatever else I’m into at the moment scene in and around Boston Massachusetts. I’ll also piss and moan about movies and television, the Sox, video games and why my wife insists on me taking out the garbage before playing Shiver Me Timbers and I’m sure I’ll gripe about my job. Mostly I look for bands that are somewhere in the camp of Screeching Weasel, Damaged era Black Flag and any and all Husker Du or Archers of Loaf. I also like the Muppets and Buffy the Vampire Slayer way more than any thirtysomething should, but will get really creeped out if I start getting crazy emails about how many feathers Big Bird had, or have to hear whackzoid conspiracy theories about who really killed Mr. Hooper so please keep those to yourself.


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  1. I saw your review of Get Bent and thought you might know that we put the demo up for free on my website. Also up there are a bunch of other demos, including Thousandaires (Jared from Get Bent, Jeff from Bridge & Tunnel and Dave/Dom from Halo Fauna), and the Iron Chic demo ( members of Latterman and Small Arms Dealer).

    I also record bands in my apartment, which so far has been about 30 bands including Defiance, Ohio, Bomb the Music Industry, Lemuria, and a bunch more. There are videos from shows up too, and we will be recording pink couch sessions at this year’s Fest in Gainesville.

    Awesome site by the way.


    Comment by Dave Garwacke | September 29, 2008

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