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In what promises to be ignored by the world at large, and quickly forgotten by myself, I’m bringing you the first of what hopes to be a weekly last fm playlist. Since last FM no longer allows for the embedding of playlists, click the photo above and be whisked away to musical bliss. Seriously, it’s like the sonic verison of Calgon.


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The End of 2008 Chumpchange Retrospective “Get Stoked” List of Goodies part two

Picking up from where we left off a mere days ago. Of course if you missed Part One, you ought to go back and read that first. i think we’re going to keep this one simple and list a few of the best bits of tunes and Tinseltown this list. Again, everything below is simply in the order that I happened to think of it in. Lemme know what you think.

What was what in music in 2008:

A good year for pop-punk and power pop. Here’s a short list of what you should be listening to in no particular order (and there’s even handy-dandy links to band websites, er mypace sites, in blue):
Little Lungs-“Hoist Me Up Comparisons to Sleater Kinney are inevitable(and a sign of laziness on my part) but goddamn if that opening “stop-skip-stop-start” riff on “Pet Cemetary” doesn’t kick my ass every time. Easily one of the best bands at the Kickstand this past year’s Gainesville Fest.
Cheap Girls-“Find Me a Drink Home I’ve already written about these boys extensively here (hey-still clinging on to page one of Google hits-a rare win for the home team) so in brief-absolute fantastic power pop with cleverly ironic and dank lyrics. A must-own.
Get Bent-“demo cd-ep-Another band you can read about here There isn’t a single song I’ve listened to more than “Forest Ave.” this year. super fast, catchy and upbeat singalong pop punk. Best basement show of the year by far as well. By far my favorite band of the year.
Lemuria-“Get Better-All too sweet and catchy pop music with tons of bite underneath the surface. Juliana Hatfield with more punch to it.
The Serious Geniuses-You Can Steal The Riffs But You Can’t Steal The talent“-Fun indie rock with nods to Superchunk and Big Star.
The Hold Steady-“Stay Positive-Some folks like to bag on these guys for being a Springsteen derivative. I’d counter that the world would be a much better place if bands took more cues from The Boss and less from Duran Duran.
Ben Weasel & His Iron String Quartet-“These Ones Are Bitter-Proof that no one out-Screeching Weasel’s the original Weasel.
Good Luck-“In To Lake Griffy”-Guitar parts like Braid, lyrically sensibilities like Red Letter Day-era Get Up Kids. Yes please.
The Closet Fairies-“Ghetto Girls seven inch-FYP meets the Marked Men in a last man standing cage match with guitars.
Chuck Ragan-“Ole Diesel seven inch-Further proof this man does nothing half assed. Whaling on his six string while wailing out his heart through by way of his voice, the A-side was one of my most listened to tracks the latter part of this year. A better love song detailing the long road back home to your peace of my mind may not come around for a long while. There’s folks that play revival music because that’s what you do when you grow out of hardcore, and there’s folks that play it because that’s what keeps them standing upright. You can take an easy guess as to which category Mr. Ragan falls under.

One quick website note before we move on to movies:
I wrote about this site recently, but once more with feeling: If You Make It is far and away the best indie music-based site I’ve run across all year. From the stripped down acoustic acts in the long running Pink Couch series, to posted live shows, to demo mp3 albums on the site, you can’t find a better laid out, more diverse, more fun site to explore. bookmark this site immediately.

(to quote Bad Brains)At the Movies in 2008

Many sweet reasons for sweatpant wearing geeks to get their shoes stuck in spit out wads of gum and fingers oily with fake butter in 2008. Before I continue with my list, let me just state I haven’t had the chance to see “The Wrestler” nor “Let the Right One In” yet, but I’m sure I’ll love both. Also, Wall-E was extremely overrated.
Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr. was put solely on this earth to play Anthony Stark whilst mugging it up as a billionaire playboy/inventive genius. Also, imagining Jeff Bridges as “the Dude” who decided to take Lebowski the elder’s advice, accept that the bums lost and go legit and become a profit obsessed wiley corporate tycoon enhances your viewing pleasure tenfold.
Wanted: Pretty much the most ridiculous movie of the year, but if you just needed to turn of your brain, drool over fantastic action sequences and the best use of “Bullet Time” special effects since the orignal Matrix, and giggle like a titmouse every time Morgan Freeman used the phrase “Motherfucker” then you walked into the right movie. Bonus nerd points if you were more excited about Konstantin Khabensky from Night Watch having a bit part in the movie than anything onscreen involving Angelina Jolie. I hate to be the guy to make a Brandon Lee reference here, but didn’t you have your fingers crossed just a little bit during the climactic scene? No? Just me?
The Dark Knight: There’s little to nothing new I could add to the billion-word-plus that have already been heaped upon this movie lavishing justified praise from Ledger’s Joker, to the moody atmosphere, gritty, maybe kind of plausible if superheroes existed in the real world kind of crime tale David Goyer and the Nolans put together and the oft-overlook Aaron Eckhardt as the tragic Harvey Dent. Rather, let’s just hope Nolan doesn’t have a six week whiskey and grain alcohol bender leading him to the inevitable conclusion that there’s no way he can top this past effort, so the third film needs to have Bat Nipples just because.
Step Brothers-Way funnier than it had any right to be. I thought this would be another one of those films which gave away all the funny bits in the trailers. Happily, Will Ferrell and John C Reiley are over the top vulgar is this fine flick. It introduced the phrases “ballfro” and “chestpubes” into my everyday vernacular and gave the world the rap battle classic “boats and hos”. What else can you ask for?
Role Models-Paul Rudd is the snarky good looking version I see in the mirror every day. Here’s he’s teamed with Stifler plus ten years, the nerd from Superbad and a cute, foul-mouthed black kid. And there’s LARPing and boobs thrown in for good measure. This is a recipe for a good time.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall-Jason Segel reminds me way too much of my friend’s ex-boyfriend, and I’m still on the fence if this is a good thing or a bad thing. That said, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a funnier movie this year. From the pearl necklace gag, the pediatrician talk, Paul Rudd as a stoner surfer and Russell Brand as the cock rocker, this move had it all(and that’s before mentioning the brilliance of the puppet Dracula musical).On top of everything else, you have Kristen Bell in a bikini for most of the flick. without going into such details that the lovely Miss Bell ever has to worry, let me just say if we were one day in close proximity to one another, and she were to whisper in my ear, “I’ll let you touch my boobs if you push your wife down the stairs”, well, thankfully my wife has fantastic insurance.
Cloverfield-Granted, the marketing campaign was better than the final product, but despite the Dramamine cam, this is still a fun, scary Monsters smash up NY in the vein of Godzilla type of movies. And yes, there is the post 9/11 undercurrent running through out the film. When all is said and done, there may not have been a better thirty seconds of film all year than the severed Statue of Liberty head careening off cars and building in downtown NY.
Quarantine-Yes this is a near shot-for-shot remake of the spanish thriller [REC], but I didn’t get to see the original in a darkened theater on a 100′ screen. This movie scared the bejesus out of me with it’s claustrophobic atmosphere and unique sense of “oh man that little girl with a head cold is SO going to be a mindless zombie in about fifteen minutes” dread. Loved the twist near the end.
In Bruges-Beautifully filmed hitman tale that actually made me appreciate Colin Farrel AND it had a smarmy dwarf in it. Life does not get much better.

Other things to love about 2008:
-Bill Simmons mailbag columns and podcasts on ESPN.com
-Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback column on si.com, once you get past the Peyton Manning ballwashing
-the Sonos wireless music system
-eMusic.com-Best site for downloading DRM-free independent music
-True Blood on HBO
-Lost Season 4-They moved the island! Holy Shit!
-Dustin Pedroia
-“Whatchoo gonna do when Obamamania runs wild on you!?”
Live Action FARSIDE cartoon reenactments on FLICKR
-The continued excellence of the DC/Vertigo comic “Fables”

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The End of 2008 Chumpchange Retrospective “Get Stoked” List of Goodies part one

Since everyone else does these bloody things, I thought I’d toss my own list out there. This is the first part of what will undoubtedly be one of the most epic posts in the history of the internet. In 2123 the great-great-grand-second-nephew of Rick Riley will proclaim this series of posts the Magna Carta of interweb posting on a retrospective documentary detailing early 21st century lifestyles. Then he will turn on his jetpack and fly to Neptune to take out a hostile band of aliens from the galaxy Nefaria. A note of disclaimer: the following list is in no particular order, and consists solely of events, items and curious incidentals which at one point or another have caused me to shimmy my buttocks in a happy dance while wearing nothing but socks and boxers. Without further ado:

Fallout 3: “War. War never changes.” Ron Perlman’s narration begins an epic game which finds the player leaving the safe confines of the vault for the Wasteland-a post-apocalyptic Washington DC overrun with Super Mutants, Raiders, feral ghouls and all sorts of other beasties. Development Studio Bethesda gives the player complete freedom over the game, allowing one to tackle the main quest or dozens of side quests at their own pace. If you’re familiar with the studio’s previous effort, the mammoth RPG Oblivion, you’ll appreciate the improvements in combat (with the target VATS system, which works kind of like a digital 20 sided die), graphics, sound and overall playability. You can spend nearly a hundred hours playing without touching the main objectives at all. After beating the game as a “good” character, I decided to begin from scratch and play as a real bastard. Few moments in gaming history have given me as much joy as pressing a detonator which set off a nuclear warhead that obliterates one of the few remaining functional settlements of the game. There are few moral quandaries more satisfying as deciding whether or not to pay a Scavenger for needed ammo, or just taking out the Ripper and gutting him from head to toe, then pickpocketing the corpse for what you need. Taking audio cues from Bioshock, Fallout integrates a pair of radio stations, one carrying patriotic messages and music from President Malcom McDowell, the other playing old-timey crooners, which adds to the creeptastic atmosphere. There’s few things moe disturbing than getting bashed around the head and neck by a giant mutant while ella fitzgerald quietly sobs for lost love in the headset. Even better, the studio has announced downloadable add-ons for XBOX360 owners that should be available by springtime, which will add dozens more hours of mutant blasting.

1. Doris Kearnes Goodwin’s “Team of Rivals”: Granted this came out in ’05 to much ballyhoo and acclaim, and earned Goodwin the Pulitzer Prize, but its cache rocketed once the title became permanently affixed to the Obama transition team’s strategy of putting together a cabinet consisting of people that would have gladly nudged him in front of fast moving oncoming traffic mere months ago. The narrative details Lincoln’s gift for grassroots politics, his ability to forgive grudges against rivals and keen insights on reading public sentiment as the tools which first, won him the 1860 nomination against candidates thought better suited to the job, and as the country ripped itself apart in the Civil War, Lincoln harnessed these gifts as a means to keep an administration (largely) loyal to his desired course of action. For those that are historically challenged, please allow me to spoil the end for you: the north wins and lincoln gets shot to death.

I Love You Beth Cooper (Larry Doyle)-Jesus I hope this guy publishes more stuff. I haven’t laughed so hard reading since Youth In Revolt. Here’s a quick summation: A nerdy high school valedictorian that no one has ever seemed to notice to use his graduation speech to say “fuck it” and a)Tell anyone and everyone who has ever crossed his path what he really thinks of them, tearing folks a new bunghole along the way and b) telling the lady of his dreams (3 guesses as to her name) that he fancies her. After this, hilarious hi-jinx ensue. Think of this movie as if Say Anything was put into novel form, except Diane Court was a chain-smoking alcoholic nympho with a nice career as late-night Denny’s waitress waiting for her instead of a scholarship to England. Also, expect slightly less kickboxing and Clash on the sound track, but a hair more lesbian experimentation. Apparently, the movie version comes out summer ’09 and stars the cheerleader from Heroes, which means it will probably be billed as “Superbad meets Say Anything” except it won’t really be anything like that and I’ll just be bitter that’s someone got paid to steal my byline.

2. Rhapsody music service: If you love music, then Rhapsody is like crack cocaine, if all the crack cocaine you wanted to consume cost you $15 a month and didn’t lead to cold sweats, paranoia, convulsions, manic fist fights with biker gangs,  stealing money from your kids’ piggy bank, scabbies, and eventual death from one’s heart bursting inside the chest. With over six million songs in the data base, a simple user interface, easy to create playlists and a better internet radio service than Pandora, Rhapsody is the best way to listen to music online. Not only was I able to find anything and everything from mainstream artists like Springsteen, U2, REM and others, I’m constantly amazed my the staple of independent artists i find on their site. A quick check of my artists page finds diverse acts like the New Dumb, the Mishaps, Atom and His Package, Lifetime and more right at my fingertips. I can’t recommend this site strongly enough.

DarkHorizons.com: as a movie nerd, this is my one stop shop place to grab all the latest headlines. Whether it’s all the latest bits of trade gossip, updates on the status of upcoming films or behind the scene interviews with the cast and creators, Dark Horizon has it all. On top of that, there’s a massive directory of movie trailers, most available in high def. It’s the perfect way to treat a Sunday morning hangover. Finally, the site excludes a “talk back”forum, so you don’t have to have your manhood challenged, nor the integrity of one’s mother’s virtue called into doubt simply because you didn’t feel like a season 3 episode of Heroes is the television equivalent of filling a potato sack with cherubic little infants, then smashing said bag repeatedly over a rock.

Okay that’s it for part one. Part two is a mere twenty four hours away. Digg it people.

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Web Fun: ifyoumakeit.com

Do yourself a big favor: Set aside a couple hours and start rummaging through www.ifyoumakeit.com This is a fantabulous music site with an easy to peruse layout, tons of show videos, short films and a home made live movie series. Plus it’s the only site I’ve ever come across that’s spot-checked Canada’s answer to Jawbreaker, M Blanket. Pardon the tangent for a second, but the M Blanket seven inch containing “Even the Score/Processing Yer”  could be the best two songs ever committed to A-side wax. Okay, back to this site: Start with a slew of demos posted from bands like Get Bent (still the best thing I’ve heard all year), Sex and Hosses, Iron Chic and more. On top of that there are individual MP3’s posted.

There’s also short videos posted from a ton of live shows and short films. Haven’t waded much through them yet, except for the Ergs! Down in the Dumps and Lemuria so far. There’s well over 100 videos posted, and the few I’ve seen have very good audio and video.

The real gem of the site is the “Pink Couch” series where touring bands break out the instruments and bust out some music while seated on an overstuffed pink couch. Again, picture and sound quality is top notch. The best part of each video is the facial expressions of each musician suggesting that while they’re having a great time, they’re feeling awkward about being smooshed in on a couch. Perhaps there’s something sharp sticking out of the cushions, and it’s perilously close to the butt. Who knows? Videos are posted my Lemuria, Bomb the Music Industry, Defiance, Ohio, Bridge and Tunnel and others.


Overall, it’s a fantastic site to check out new music or hear your favorite bands in a completely different way. Definitely bookmark this site and kick it a few bucks via paypal.

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Please check out this band: “Get Bent”

My good friend Nip sent me a private message with nothing more than these words:www.myspace.com/getbentsonI’m now passing those words on to you. Go and check out this band. Immediately. I must be on my twelfth straight listen to “Forrest Ave.” the first of two songs posted on their site. I’m sending Nip messages letting him know i’ll drive us down to any weekend show they have coming up in NYC.

This is catch-as-catch can upbeat pop-punk that reminds of so much of the stuf I listened to in my mid-twenties, but at the same time I say with any real certainty of who they remind me of. I’m in love with the “rat-a-tat” guitars after the chorus, and the drum fills. If you put a gun to my head I’d say Get Bent most reminds me of John Brown Battery, especially the trade of vocals (though these are much cleaner/better) and the quieter guitar parts leading back into straight forward three chord bliss. In an increasingly bleak musical environment where every new band is seemingly some fey little twee shoegazing outfit looking to add more mellatron, it warms my nuts to listen to some unabashedly upbeat pop-punk.

You can order the five song CD demo for a whopping $2. For fuck’s sake you can’t even by a large coffee that cheaply. Order the goddamned CD. 

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Gainesville Fest Part Two

The last day of the Gainesville fest was a lot more laid back and subdued, at least for me (no booze). My feet and knees were killing, and there’s only so many smell fat dudes with beards you can be around (feel free to insert a picture of a bot and a kettle here). After catching a fun and bouncy set from Armalite (Atom from..”and his Package, the omnipresent Dan Yemin and the Mike McKeen of amateur Party who suffers from a hysterical inferiority complex) I went with Joan to the 2nd St Bakery for some acoustic sets. This was the only club not near any of the others and was the encampment of the crusty kids. There’s nothing like a jackass in an ongoing war with hygene that let’s his dog run around with traffic to piss you off. Please some one tell these jackasses that pets aren;t an accessory to a lifestyle.

Mike Hale sang and played guitar for one of my all-time favorite No Idea bands (Gunmoll) and his current outfit (In the Red) sounds just like them. I was bummed I missed the ITR show during day one of the fest, but did manage to catch his solo act. It wasn’t bad, and “Leatherface Fan” is a near perfect tune, but I wish I could’ve caught a plugged in, full-on band set from this dude, rather than the laid back, everybody sitting down stripped bare acoustic set. Also, there was a terrifying woman who kept scream “I love you” over and over while alternately playing air drums and conducting a symphony with her hands. If you ever read that pieces of Mike Hale were found in the back of an ’89 Le Baron, you have your top suspect.  Lost Hands/Found Fingers straddled the line between post hardcore crunchy guitar driven beard rock and doomish metal riffs. Very enjoyable.

My friends and I watched The Draft and Less Than Jake from the bar and couch area. As much as I loved HWM, I’m not sold on the follow up band at all. They sound too much like a band whose sole songwriting purpose is to come up with the theme music for a breakout teen  show on the CW. Awesome musicians, but no spark. LTJ played a fun set for kids that absolutely flipped out for them. Not really my thing, but there’s way worse bands to kill an hour watching. To be honest, most of our section was watching the Patriot annihilate the Redskins 52-7, and we were high fiving each other like the Yah Dudes we deep down really are.



Small Brown Bike was the highlight of the fest for me. Getting back together for a short time in order to help a leukemia-stricken childhood friend pay for medical bills, the foursome from Michigan didn’t show any rust. From the moment my friend Joan emailed me to let me know the Bike was playing fest I had a ticket booked. Crushed up to the front of the stage, I spent the better part of an hour yelling myself hoarse to every song. Playing in near cronilogical order, SBB kicked it off with “The Cannons and Tanks” and continued on with “Curiousity Killed the Cat and I’m the Killed” “Zerosum”, “See You In Hell” among others. So many of their songs are about the tight knot bonds of family and long time friendships and what happens when those bonds are threatened or severed. They’ve always played with a sense of urgency and passion, with sweat andstrained vocals. Bassist Ben Reed paced the stage in frentic circles, head bowed, muscles tensed whenever there was a break in his parts, and it was palpable how much he wanted to just get to the next part. Guitarist Travis, a mountain of a man, eschewed the microphone for most of his backup vocals, choosing to lean over the edge of the stage and glare out at the audience as he screamed his head off, daring the crowd to exceed his volume. Every SBB release had a killer closing cut, and for the sets end, the boys played three closing numbers: “Bury You In Me”, with its amazing duel guitar intro and monster riff changes, “Table Four Four” with ultra passionate backup vocals and churning ending, and finally, their signature song, “Make This A Holiday” A perfect end to a fucking great weekend.

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Review: Yoni Gordon and the Goods: Buried In The Basement


In a better time or better place every Goods show would be treated like a glorious night of rock and roll nirvana. There would be giddy anticipation in the days leading up to a show, Staples would run out of markers due to so many folks  buying them up in order to circle the date on the calendar. Yoni Gordon is a guy that believes absolutely that at any given moment music can uplift you,  can bridge seemingly endless chasms and leave a room full of strangers sweaty, smiling and walking out to the bar arm in arm while the last echoes of a catchy chorus spilling off their lips and anyone who gives Buried in the Basement a listen is going to come away a believer.

At their best, the Goods operate at a frantic pace, like they need to put whatever chord they hit behind them as fast humanly possible and bash out the next one. It’s the musical equivalent of an eight years old going spastic Christmas morning tearing through gift wrap with a manic glee that only cheaply manufactured plastic toys scattered about under a blinking pine tree can bring. Wearing their influences proudly on their sleeves, the best tracks ring ask the listener to imagine the clanging guitar tone of early Clash mashed together with the note perfect bounce of the Jam’s rythym section. The bass and drum are so in-tune with one another that they’re able to reel in the guitar histronics before they can veer off the deep end. You can’t say enough about how in-sync they are throughout the whole affair, lending a careful back-beat to the kid in a candy store wildness some of the songs veer off towards.  The title track kicks off the disc at a blistering pace, with a rollicking guitar riff set just ahead of crashing symbols and jaunty bassline and as it calls out to thousands of other similarly spirited bands that have toiled through obscurity in empty VFW halls and half filled private basements it takes on a near gospel sound before the overdubbed reverb of the end lends it a near reggae finale. By comparison, the followup “I Dreamed I Saw Billy Bragg” is a raucous footstomping country and R&B hoedown. With it’s shout outs and singalong chorus, “Up the Punks” has the snappy tunesmenship that was a hallmark in so many of the Kinks best tunes.  

 At the heart of the Goods is Yoni himself. There’s a nasal quality to his delivery, like a young Costello (but much higher in pitch) and at the same time there’s the same ache Westerberg had in the ‘Mats heyday. And throughout the disc, you can hear Yoni reaching out for the brass ring, the long lost crown of Punk Poet Laureate that Westerberg wore like a champ during the time between “Stink” and “Tim”. Gordon opens himself up without a care for what you’ll see whether he’s singing with a nagging sense of financial straits in Debt After Debt (I know there’s no one who can bless my every breath/or reimburse me on the debt after my death) or trying to break through surrounding general apathy and malaise in The Spell (I will see the signs and read between the lines/But I’ll just keep making the same mistakes).

 Download Buried in the Basement from itunes or directly from Yoni’s site  can be ordered there as well.
Recommended downloads: “I Dreamed I Saw Billy Bragg”, “Debt After Death”, “Up the Punks”

Catch Yoni Gordon and the Goods at O’briens (Allston, MA) Monday November 19th with Hats and Glasses, Wonderful Spells and Protokall.

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Pocket Full of Chump Change Podcast #6 is up and running

The latest podcast is up and running and you can get it by going to itunes and searching the above term or if you want a handy dandy even easier solution, you can click the banner to your right and you’re one click away from subscribing.

 Due to the advanced technical nature of today’s modern recording equipment and the vagaries of technology, the expected Serious Geniuses interview will not be appearing this week. Apparently it’s really important to hit save before closing your notebook up. We’ll sit down with these boys again at a later date.

 In it’s place we have a fairly awesome show dedicated to bringing you some of the best local bands in the area right now, as well as Baltimore’s fantastic Dead Mechanical. Remember that show I told you people you ought to check out, all the way back one entry ago. Yeah, it was pretty amazing. It was definitely one of those rare nights when any one of the four bands could have headlined. Besides Dead Mechanical we’re bringing you music from showmates The Perennials, along with tunes from Yoni Gordon and the Goods, The Steamy Bohemians, The Cold Beat, The Closet Fairies and the Young Leaves.

Barring calamity our next episode will be up in a week and will feature music and an interview with the reunited Scarce.


Mike Chumpchange 

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Get out of the house and go to these shows, jerks.

Saturday’s a cheap night out at the Abbey in Somerville; two bucks a band for four bands worth the price of admission on their own. Baltimore’s Sick Sick Birds play some anthemic punk with vocals that remind me a little bit of the Refused without the over the top political sloganeering and city mates Dead Mechanical bring an East Bay punk sound to the east coast. For some reason I have Swinging Utters/Stiff Little Fingers on my brain when I listen to their stuff. But wait there’s more! For one ultra low price you get the early nineties slacker core meets the Animas of Providence’s Reports (read the REVIEW HERE ) and all the hooks without the wimpish emasculation new wave of the Perennials (Though they do remind me a little of L7 (and I mean that I a good way…wait, is double parenthesis legal?) at times too).

10/14 show
Save your ducats, because the following night at O’Brien’s in Allston there’s another great to middling show. The Serious Geniuses are playing, and yeah, they’re a bunch of jerks with bad tattoos and glue on beards, but damn if they don’t sound like Small Brown Bike making sweet mouthsex with Archers of Loaf. The Cold Beat (members of Lock & Key, Movers and Shakers, the Call Up amongst others and no I’m not linking to all those bands) are playing one of their first shows and sound like early Radio 4. you know, before they started to sound asstastic. Anyways, I’m digging the few tunes I’ve heard so far. Rosetta brings what they call “metal for astronauts” to the table and the night’s rounded out by Jena Berlin and their blend post hardcore in the vein of Farside mixed with near mainstream rock and roll of Error: Type 11.

For fans of country, bluegrasss and folk the Abbey Lounge throws tier monthly “Dear John Letter Lounge hosted by Bread & Roses’ morgan coe. He’ll be spinning olde timey country and blegrass music, and if he gets tipsy he may accidentally spin a man of war record on 78rpm. They’ll also be live music with fiddle, banjo and mandolin playing a mix of americana roots music and gospel tunes. It starts at 7pm and there’s no cover charge.

And since we’re all going to be broke after those two nights how about we kick off the week with a FREE event. Monday the 15th is the premier of DANCE YOUR ASS at Plough and Stars in Cambridge. a bunch of non-DJ’s are going to play punk, pop punk, post punk, ska punk and punky brewster theme song mashups in hopes of getting folks to awkwardly shake it on the dance floor. It’s going to rule. And because you’re all so broke the first person who comes up to me (look for the chubby dude with a beard and 1975 style Red Sox cap) and says, “Care to get me a drink Butterfly? (Hey, I liked Death Proof. Eat it.) Will be a proud winner of a beer from me.

Oh and the next night the Lawrence Arms and American Steel are playing Harper’s Ferry. I plan on being both broke and tired, but you people should go and let me know how it was.

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Review The Closet Fairies “Ghetto Girls b/w Union Suit” single

Fun record by The Closet Fairies. Sounds a lot like Scared of Chaka enjoying a tender moment with FYP. (You know what I’m talking about: It’s like SCC and FYP are playing “seven minutes in heaven” in Gordie Finkel’s closet and SCC is trying to make a move but FYP is acting all coy and nervous and standoffish until she gives up a little peck, then a kiss on the mouth, then some tounge, until finally limbs are all intwined, bras are yanked off in a fit of passion and it’s all smeared makeup and lipstick stained teeshirts and puffy nipples with major raging bonars whilst thrashing among winter coats and board games while outside the closet the New Bomb Turks and Action Patrol are giggling to themselves at how the two of them have been going at it for sixteen minutes) It’s super low lofi recording with a mid paced guitar attack and tight rythym section. Actually, the A-side, a semi-slow jam built on a killer guitar riff is in the vein of the Devil Dogs “On your Knees”. It’s a fantastic ode to the bad girls forever breaking good guys hearts than backing on up over them in their Camaros. The B side is VERY reminiscent of Scared of Chaka, right down to the fuzzed-up chanted vox and spirited “whoa oh oh’s” and Johnny Thunder guitar leads and overdubs. I was lucky enough to get a couple bonus songs sent out to me. Wooden nickels is full on raging thrash punk, screamy and whiny and fun as hell. Then there’s three no-fi outtakes about eating bagels. I think.

You can order the single at Interpunk.

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