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The PFCC Flickr stream is updated! Get Bent! Able Baker Fox! Joe Biden! Fully Clothed pics of my wife!

I recently updated my flickr site with photos from October’s Gainesville fest, a Joe Biden pre-election rally at the UofFl, and a basement show in Allston with my favorite band of the year, Get Bent, plus Witches, and two new local bands: Strong Reaction and 50,000 Voices. Click the photo is this post, and it’ll take you to my flickr account. While you’re there, add me as a contact, share pics you like and leave me some feeback.

Won’t report to in depth about Fest this year. aside from my friends in the Serious Geniuses playing, along with nearly every band that played at kickstand (Gordon Gano’s Army, Good Luck, Little Lungs, Delay) and the sold out Cheap Girls show, it wasn’t as much fun as 07. I skipped the last day entirely.

The Get Bent show in Allston was amazingly fun. I forgot that kids in Boston will every now and again flip our for a band. The poor guys in Get Bent must’ve had their amps knocked over three times during their set, though they didn’t seem to mind. Welll worth the wait to finally get to see them live. Strong Reaction is Mark and Jeff of Witches Witch Dicks/Closet Fairies. They sound a lot more like the former than the latter. With a name derived from Pegboy’s second best album (“earwig” is #1) and their Screeching Weasel cover, this new trio does the Chicago by way of Boston gritty but catchy pop punk down to a T. Looking forward to seeing kids go nuts for them in the near future.

And for those that want to see pics of the fabulous Clare and I’s recent weekend foray to Ogonquit Maine, we’ve got dsome pics of the beach and the two of us freezing our tookuses of while waiting to get on a haunted hayride.


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