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Web Fun: ifyoumakeit.com

Do yourself a big favor: Set aside a couple hours and start rummaging through www.ifyoumakeit.com This is a fantabulous music site with an easy to peruse layout, tons of show videos, short films and a home made live movie series. Plus it’s the only site I’ve ever come across that’s spot-checked Canada’s answer to Jawbreaker, M Blanket. Pardon the tangent for a second, but the M Blanket seven inch containing “Even the Score/Processing Yer”  could be the best two songs ever committed to A-side wax. Okay, back to this site: Start with a slew of demos posted from bands like Get Bent (still the best thing I’ve heard all year), Sex and Hosses, Iron Chic and more. On top of that there are individual MP3’s posted.

There’s also short videos posted from a ton of live shows and short films. Haven’t waded much through them yet, except for the Ergs! Down in the Dumps and Lemuria so far. There’s well over 100 videos posted, and the few I’ve seen have very good audio and video.

The real gem of the site is the “Pink Couch” series where touring bands break out the instruments and bust out some music while seated on an overstuffed pink couch. Again, picture and sound quality is top notch. The best part of each video is the facial expressions of each musician suggesting that while they’re having a great time, they’re feeling awkward about being smooshed in on a couch. Perhaps there’s something sharp sticking out of the cushions, and it’s perilously close to the butt. Who knows? Videos are posted my Lemuria, Bomb the Music Industry, Defiance, Ohio, Bridge and Tunnel and others.


Overall, it’s a fantastic site to check out new music or hear your favorite bands in a completely different way. Definitely bookmark this site and kick it a few bucks via paypal.


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