Pocket Full Of Chump Change

Holy Crapola! The Standup Comedy Debut of Mike Chumpchange!

Remember when you were growing up and your mom and dad got divorced because “sometimes mommies and daddies fall out of love with one another. But we promise this has nothing to do with you” but deep down you knew and they knew what an awful kid you were and how it really WAS all your fault? Then you never saw Dad even on court appointed weekends becuase he was out “whoring it up” with the younger fake breasted secretary(which Dad paid for even though all your school pants had holes in the butt) he traded mom in for and the child support checks were always either a few bucks short or a few weeks late if they even came at all so your mom had a lot of new “uncles” that slept over and left crumpled ten dollar bills on her night stand? I promise to be AT LEAST as funny as those times.


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