Pocket Full Of Chump Change

The latest Pocket Full of Chump Change Podcast is up.

It took a little while to edit it down and then figure out why it wouldn’t export, but at two am Monday morning, the fifth Pocket Full of Chump Change podcast is up and running. I even splurged and bought a USB microphone this time around, and the narration track sounds better than ever.

So what do we have in store for listeners? Glad you asked. You know those dreams you have where you go to class and completely forgot to wear clothes for “oral presentation day”? Imagine if instead of class you were performing standup comedy. Buck Naked. That’s what our guest, Andy Ofiesh does.He hosts and performs the Naked Comedy Showcase the first Wednesday of every month at the Improv Boston in Cambridge Mass (next show is this Wednesday, October 3rd). Andy is a funny guy with or without clothes. This interview was conducted in my living room, and all clothes were on in order to prevent sticking to the sofa.

We also have music from the Young Leaves, a fantastic indie band reminiscent of early Dinosaur Jr. and Husker Du. Combine that with an in-depth scene report and a ticket giveaway to the upcoming Reports/Perennials/Dead Mechanical/Sick Sick Birds.

If you want a quick and easy link to the Podcasr, just hit up the banner link to the right and download away.


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