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Review The Closet Fairies “Ghetto Girls b/w Union Suit” single

Fun record by The Closet Fairies. Sounds a lot like Scared of Chaka enjoying a tender moment with FYP. (You know what I’m talking about: It’s like SCC and FYP are playing “seven minutes in heaven” in Gordie Finkel’s closet and SCC is trying to make a move but FYP is acting all coy and nervous and standoffish until she gives up a little peck, then a kiss on the mouth, then some tounge, until finally limbs are all intwined, bras are yanked off in a fit of passion and it’s all smeared makeup and lipstick stained teeshirts and puffy nipples with major raging bonars whilst thrashing among winter coats and board games while outside the closet the New Bomb Turks and Action Patrol are giggling to themselves at how the two of them have been going at it for sixteen minutes) It’s super low lofi recording with a mid paced guitar attack and tight rythym section. Actually, the A-side, a semi-slow jam built on a killer guitar riff is in the vein of the Devil Dogs “On your Knees”. It’s a fantastic ode to the bad girls forever breaking good guys hearts than backing on up over them in their Camaros. The B side is VERY reminiscent of Scared of Chaka, right down to the fuzzed-up chanted vox and spirited “whoa oh oh’s” and Johnny Thunder guitar leads and overdubs. I was lucky enough to get a couple bonus songs sent out to me. Wooden nickels is full on raging thrash punk, screamy and whiny and fun as hell. Then there’s three no-fi outtakes about eating bagels. I think.

You can order the single at Interpunk.


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